Random Talk; ‘Believe’


I’m a skeptical person; I don’t easily believe in something nor someone.
That’s why, when I started to believe, I also often feel anxious over some simple things; unreplied messages, sensitive talks, the ‘third person’s. Vice versa.

Teach me how to believe properly.
Tell me whether should I believe in you or not.
Tell me whether you want to stay or leave.
Be honest,
because I’m tired of losing people I once believed in.
I don’t want you to make me happy,
because you might be lying.
I want you to always be honest, at least to yourself.

But then again,
maybe it’s too late to warn me if you think I shouldn’t believe in you,
because I already did.

I hope you’re worth enough to believe,
to trust,
to know the real me,
and keep it for yourself.

Because I trust myself
to you.
And I know I won’t regret it.


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