#PrayForWorld: A Super-Short Opinion

(Copied these things from my LINE post. I think this is short but matters enough since there are some people who are still arguing over tragedies happened recently.)

It’s not the right time to argue about which tragedy should be exposed more by the media. Yes, media is going too much about Paris’ suicidal bombs and terrorism, but let’s just be honest and short things up: THIS WORLD itself is facing humanity crisis, and by I said ‘world’, it means the ENTIRE world; not just Paris, South Korea, Indonesia, Lebanon, Syria, or other Middle East countries out there. And the most important thing here, don’t only shout here and there about injustice if you can’t actually help them out, please PRAY for them; at least you can do something more useful than just throwing your arguments all over the place. Those who were killed in Paris are humans too, no matter how much medias blow up the news. Pray for ALL the problems faced by this Earth, pray for the world, pray for us humans and our nature.

Also, a little comment about those who were judging Islam because of ISIS: yes, ISIS’ religion might be Islam, but NOT ALL the Moslems are ISIS. Please be smarter and don’t generalize everything based on your personal judgement only.

Short but sweet. Have a peaceful night, world.

Shiragami Aiko


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