Dear Everyone (click the link to read)

It’s ok. It’s alright to feel insecure, to feel down, to feel like the world is crumbling. But don’t let it eat you alive; don’t let the depression consumes you until nothing is left. You’re more than just a negative soul with messy thoughts.

You’re God’s best creature. You’re a human. You have bones, flesh, 20 fingers, a pair of eyes, ears, hands and legs. You have a brain, hair, nose, teeth, tongue, and lips; you can hear, speak, see, touch, taste. You can move. You can walk. You can laugh, cry, sleep, pee, eat, drink, think, feel–you can do every daily things.

You can write. You can draw (even doodles). You can talk. You can do dishes. You can cook. You can do handcraft. You can sing. You can do everything you think you can.

You have parents. You have brothers and sisters. You have uncles, aunts, nieces, cousins. You have grandmas and grandpas. You have friends. You have buddies. You have a crush (or more). You have admirers. You have teachers, lecturers. You have the canteen aunty. You have the cleaning-service guy. You have pen pals. You have social media relations. You might even have a boyfriend or girlfriend. You have everyone who love you–for whoever you are.

You have books. You have a smartphone. You have a laptop. You have social media accounts. You have your pillow, your doll, your blanket. You have chocolates. You have money. You have everything you want and you need.

You may read this and think, “What kind of fucking nonsense is she saying?”, but let me tell you one thing: you’re precious. It’s not a must for having money or expensive car or updated gadgets; it’s clearly not a must for having lovers; it doesn’t really necessary whether you still have your parents or not, as long as you can learn to love yourself. Prioritize whatever your heart says above all. Love to be loved. Give to be given. Share to be shared. If you’ve ever felt down, remember to find someone you can talk to. There will always be one or two who will actually listen to you.

So make yourself a cup of tea, sit down, relax, sip the tea, close your eyes, and  love yourself.


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